Breakfast, Meet Dessert

While visiting Tokyo a few months ago, my fiance and I decided to splurge and have dinner at Tapas Molecular Bar. The meal was 16 courses with only 8 seats. The incredible chefs work right and front of you and it is a culinary experience like no other. I was consistently impressed (and full) throughout the meal, but of course, I was particularly excited for dessert!

At the beginning of the meal you receive a tape measure that has the menu written on it. I noticed that Breakfast was listed after Degustation and before Sweets. The menu said, “Eggs, Toast & Sausage,” which seemed a bit strange, but the food was so wonderful and creative, I was just excited to eat more.

When we did receive the “breakfast” course it wasn’t breakfast at all, it was dessert! The “sausage” was actually a raspberry spongecake and the “egg” was actually mango, complete with a sugar shell.

This meal was one of the highlights of our trip and if you find yourself in Tokyo and are looking for a unique culinary experience, look no further than Tapas Molecular Bar!


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