Kakigori 🍧

Kakigori, or shaved ice, is a Japanese dessert flavored with condensed milk, fruits and sweet bean paste. As a kid I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore and ate my fair share of snow cones, but the Kakigori I enjoyed in Japan was far from a Jersey Shore snow cone (which was a good thing!).

While strolling around Kyoto, my fiance and I walked into Kitone. Kitone sells really beautiful home decorations and tableware, but the shaved ice is what caught my eye. I spotted a child in the back of the store, sitting on a tiny stool and eating a mount of Kakigori. I knew I needed one too.

Each side of the shaved ice was a different flavor, ranging from Kiwi to Strawberry to Lemon. The ice was so thinly shaved it melted as soon as it hit my tongue. Under the shaved iced was a mount of beans that were partially frozen. I wasn’t expecting the beans, but I absolutely loved them!

Kyoto is one of my favorite places on earth because of places like Kitone. You walk in expecting to do a little shopping and instead you leave with a new dessert obsession.


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